10 Ways to increase storage efficiency in an overflowing Warehouse

10 Ways to increase storage efficiency in an overflowing Warehouse

A good business means over flowing and sluggish warehousing. Managing labour, staffing, workloads, scheduling and third party vendors can be a task to handle. Mostly dispatching of goods in scheduled time is a huge struggle. We understand your concerns. Here are some very useful pointers for you to keep in mind while handling all the difficulties.

  1. Vertical Space: When you run out of space to fill, keep calm and look up! That’s right! Use your vertical space. Find out how much cubic feet of vertical space is not used. Be sure how this impacts the fire code and sprinklers design.
  2. Understand your space: Analyze the space and pinpoint the actions that takes place in the warehouse that does not need high ceilings. Like packing, shipping etc.
  3. Combine Storage : If you have multiple locations for the storage of the same of products, combine the storage facility for more put-together storage.
  4. Correct sizing : Study the sizes and spaces needed for the products. According to that maintain the correct picking slots. Have different size of picking slots available. Apply the same logic to the storage location.
  5. Off-site location : Do not over -flow one warehouse. Consider taking up some off-site location for the storage of excess items. Storage should not hinder the fulfillment operation.
  6. Drop-shipping : Using rented warehouses can also help in efficient storage. By considering drop-shipping you can ultimately decrease your in-house inventory and logistic cost.
  7. Maintain a routine cleanup : In the event of any spillage of damage of goods the excessive buildup should be cleaned immediately to avoid scarification of space for storage.
  8. Rearrange your warehouse : Arrange your warehouse in such a way that it provides better storage and smooth operations. Pallet racks, mezzanine, wire shelving and other types of storage facilities are some of the best suited for easy handling and flow of shipments.
  9. Free movement : Aisle width is important as well, in warehouse operations. While choosing storage facilities it has to be made sure to not affect the movements of the employees. So shelving and aisle should be studies carefully and arranged for maximum efficiency of both.
  10. Suitable picking method : Picking method is different with different businesses. Analyze whether single picking, multi-order picking or zone picking is the best for the warehouse and business.

Smooth operation, time for relaxation.

As soon as these pointers and followed, life becomes a little easier to manage a warehouse. So sit back,
relax and admire your somewhat smooth flowing warehouse and operations.

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