Clarion Warehouses- Revolutionizing Indian Warehousing Industry

Clarion Warehouses- Revolutionizing Indian Warehousing Industry

Warehousing in India is growing at a rate of 10% per annum. Within this 55% of the warehouses cater to industrial and retail clients. Clarion forayed into the warehousing sector four years ago, and providesBuilt-to suit and ready-to-use warehouses. We at Clarion, also provide Silos for grain storage with a capacity of 5000 MTS per warehouse, which are perfect for FMCG operations.

Our aim is to provide premium warehouses with world class structure and construction quality. We provide unlimited customization as per the client’s requirements. We, at Clarion, aim to achieve business stability with the help of their long term lease agreement. Our warehouses also aim to bring forward and backward integration for retailers and manufacturers. Resulting in cutting down on the impending costs. We want to achieve all this with warehouses comprising of minimal human labour.

With this being said let me guide you through the features Clarion warehouses have to offer.

  • Industrial Dock Levelers: While loading a doc it is very easy for the workers to fall prey to massive injury. Hence we have come up with Doc levelers which do the job with a lot less risk to injury as well as minimal chances of accidents and product damage.
  • Ridge Ventilators: These ventilation systems are placed on the peak of the sloping rooftops of the warehouses for efficient ventilation. They consume less power to operate.
  • Laser Screed flooring: The floors of every warehouse go through massive wear and tear. These floorings offer resistance to damage. The construction of these floors is very cost effective. This makes these floorings more efficient.
  • 52 ft warehouse height: The appropriate height of the warehouses provides maximum efficiency for storage without being too high to be dangerous to function.
  • Fire Hydrants: They are the basic necessities as a safety measure against unforeseen fire outbreaks in the warehouses.
  • Automated rollers: With the aim of minimal human labor in the warehouses, Clarion offers warehouses with automated rolling shutters. This makes it easy and smooth-flowing for the workers to close the warehouse and keep the products inside the warehouse safe.
  • Industrial Louvers: Clarion warehousing chose industrial louvers to offer further efficient ventilation without any use of electricity. They are horizontal ventilators which are placed in the walls of the warehouses.
  • CC roads on all sides: CC roads are built all around the warehouses to avoid accidents like spilling and cracks or breakage of the products and even their packaging. These are smooth roads which require negligible maintenance for 40 to 60 years, making it long-lasting and damage resistant roads.
  • DG Set: These generators are well known to lower the level of Greenhouse Gas Emissions. They are fuel efficient and consume only 28% to 30% of the fuel to generate power. This contributes to a better environment.
  • Drainage on all sides: Drainage is a very crucial area when you need to maintain a warehouse. The Clarion warehouses provide efficient drainage with no water clogging for a smooth workflow.
  • Loading bay/Unloading bay: There are loading and unloading bays which are designed to provide a smooth loading and unloading of goods with minimal accidents and negligible chances of product damage.
  • Turbo ventilators: They are another type of ventilators which is round and has fins. It needs wind to function. When the wind blows it ventilates all the smoke, hot air etc. from the warehouse.
  • No water clogging: Due to an efficient drainage system which was mentioned earlier there are zero percent chances of water logging in Clarion warehouses.
  • Firewater stump: This is another safety measure for a much more dangerous fire outbreak which might damage the maximum area of the property.
  • Drinking water stump: Clarion Warehouses provides drinking water facilities for the workers of the warehouses. The work in warehouses generally is very physically exhausting and difficult.
  • Iron/Steel docking bay guard: Clarion warehousing provides a highly efficient docking bay made of iron or steel. They are designed for the unloading of heavy goods without causing any damage to the goods or workers.
  • Clarion Warehouses provide a level difference of less than 2mmwith a load bearing capacity of 15 MT/ m³.
  • Septic tanks with water recycling: The septic tanks have a water recycling system. This helps to use water efficiently and reduces water wastage. This, again, is very environment-friendly.

Clarion has been in warehousing for three years. In these three years, they have built and leased out over 8,00,000sqft of functional warehouses in and around Hyderabad. Clarion warehouses are on a steadfast expansion mode. We have more than 8 fictional warehouse spaces and 2 silos. Clarion aims to revolutionize warehousing in India with built-in automation and structural up gradation to suit the requirements of their clients.