Indian Warehouse Automation

Indian Warehouse Automation

What is the reason behind to embrace warehouse automation?

India has currently witnessed outbreak of start-ups in warehouse automation. Logistics and warehousing play an indispensable role in transportation of goods. There are many reasons for manufacturers, ecommerce, retail and logistics industry to embrace warehouse automation whole heartedly. A smart warehouse is one that improves efficiency, quality of work and reduces human labour & cost according to the new emerging demands.

As per today’s standards, automated picking, loading and replenishment systems are considered as smart as this eliminates the paperwork.

Clarion Warehousing

The key attributes or must have feature applies to successfully running warehouse includes.

  • Self-driving vehicles. The warehouses can be streamlined by installing remote driven vehicles. These are useful for carrying, automating the picking and packing of products, thereby reduces the dependence on human workforce. It is easy to keep information what is being moved, when and where.
  • Automated inventory storage. In today’s world, various kind of cranes are available which can be used to bring products to workers at picking stations in a most efficient way. These cranes are useful in moving or filling up the higher racks which can be functioned through remote control systems. All this reduces the dependency on personnel.
  • Sorting. Although its an old method but cost effective as well in case of handling parcels. Conveyors and scanners are the tools used to read package barcodes, measure the weight and dimensions, automatically put them for the distribution makes sorting convenient and easy.
  • Lighting and security. It’s important that automated vehicles are safe. Sensors inbuilt in it can help in distinguishing between the human workforces. It can also emit the horns automatically if anybody comes in front. These are programmed to reduce speed at the corners and can detect when humans or objects are in its way. Lighting can also be automated for the personnel working.

Today multinational companies are inclining towards automated warehouse to keep in pace with the growing customer demands and fasten the delivery. Although the cost of adopting automated warehousing technology is high but still they are preferring to save the human labour and cost. Multinational warehouses are changing and adapting time & cost saving techniques.