From the House of Clarion…

Clarion is proud to bring to you world class warehousing infrastructure with a great deal of customization; 150% growth rate; bringing in innovative re-engineering & structural up-gradation as we move forward.

With Clarion Warehousing, we bring forward the legacy build by Clarion Group into Warehousing and infrastructure building. Our warehousing business has built from strength to strength in the past few years; and in a short span Clarion Warehousing stands up to build benchmarks for the warehousing industry.

In three years we have developed and leased out over 8,00,000 sft of functional warehouse spaces in and around Hyderabad, and are on a steadfast expansion mode.We have more than eight functional warehouse spaces, and two silos of a cumulative capacity of xxx tons. Moreover, Clarion Warehousing is lead by a team of professionals with an aim to revolutionarise warehousing landscape in India. Matching up international infrastructure standards with built-in automation, and structural up-gradations to suit their requirements.

We are working hand in glove with some of the top national and international brands, customizing and co-operating with them to deliver wide variant of dry storage solutions in form of Warehouses, Silos and more.